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Would you like to hike in the remote areas of the Canadian Rockies? Are you planning the perfect holiday road trip around New Zealand? Are you intrigued by the complex world of via ferratas in the Italian Dolomites? You came to the right place!

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If you stumbled upon my website, there is a fairly good chance that you love road trips, being outdoors and above all, photography. Good news! You are in the right spot.

I have been traveling for more than 16 years, eventually turning my passion into a full-time job – creating hiking, photography, and road trip guides to my favorite  destinations around the World. 

Marta and Jasper

Author / Photographer / Mountain Lover

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My Road Trip, Photography And Trekking Guides

What Makes My Guides Unique?

1. Independent

All trips have been funded out of my own pocket. This has allowed me to stay unbiased towards any destination featured here. Despite visiting many, I'm only sharing with you my favourite locations ensuring that you don’t waste your time when planning your own trip.

2. Personal

In a world of a million of travel blogs, often typed by ghost writers who have never visited the destination that they blog about, I can assure you, that every single road trip, photography location and hike described on this website was done by me.

3. Thorough

I often see “ultimate” travel guides written by someone who has spent only a week or two on location. I don’t chase destinations to simply tick them off my list. I often spend years creating each guide and living in each destination. Quality over quantity above all else!

4. Visual

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. I am sure you have heard of this saying. All images across my website were taken by me (unless otherwise stated). You won’t find stock photos here. Through my photography I want to convey the beauty of each destination in hopes that one day you will see it with your own eyes.


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