30 Photos From New Zealand That Will Turn You Into an Outdoor Person

If you’ve ever met me in person, you will know that I am the biggest fan of New Zealand. I can honestly say that my fascination with this country somewhat borders with an obsession. There, I said it. So far I’ve spent over 15 months in New Zealand and I already know that it’s not enough.

Being amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes in this world has opened my eyes and made me finally realise what I want to do with my life. I want to convince people to do the same.

Each time I leave the country, I still feel like there’s so much I haven’t seen, so many more hikes I would love to do and locations I want to photograph.

If you are looking for advice on planning your once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand visit my New Zealand Travel Guide, where you will find custom road trip itineraries, information about photography locations and hiking trails. 

Helibiking Mount Burke Wanaka 10
Biking down Mount Bourke near Wanaka
Devils Punchbowl Waterfall 2
Breathtaking landscapes in Arthur’s Pass National Park
Pouakai Circuit 9
Taranaki volcano on the Pouakai circuit on the north island of New Zealand
Hawea 13
An afternoon stroll around lake Hawea
Helibiking Mount Burke Wanaka 23
Biking down from Mount Bourke near Wanaka
Hawea 12
Majestic mountains around lake Hawea
Alex Knob Hike New Zealand 7
Franz Josef Glacier from Alex Knob track
Roys Peak Lake Wanaka 15
Morning hike on Roy’s Peak, Wanaka
Isthmus Peak 7
Isthmus Peak near Wanaka
Roys Peak Lake Wanaka 12
Hiking near Wanaka with Mount Aspiring as the backdrop
Roys Peak Lake Wanaka 1
Sunrise from Coromandel Peak, lake Wanaka
Kepler Track 21
Hiking along the Kepler Track, far below is lake Te Anau
That Wanaka Tree 7
Looking toward the famous lone willow tree of Wanaka
Milford Track 52
On the top of Mackinnon Pass along the Milford Track
Mueller Hut Hike 13
Campers near the Mueller hut in Mount Cook National Park
Hooker Valley Mount Cook National Park 4
Hiking in the Hooker valley
Queenstown Bobs Peak Sunset 1 2
Looking towards Walter’s Peak in Queenstown
Routeburn Track 9
Dramatic Light along the Routeburn Track
Wharariki Beach 1
sunset at the Wharariki beach
Avalanche Peak New Zealand 15
Atop the Avalanche peak in Arthur’s Pass National Park
Mount Alfred 7
Lake Wakatipu and Dart river bed from the top of Mount Alfred
Milford Track 61
Hiking through Mackinnon Pass in Fiordland National Park
Milford Track 18
Milford Track, Fiordland National Park
Northland North Island 6
Rarawa – a beautiful white sand beach
Cape Reinga 12
On the northern tip of the North Island – Cape Reinga
Milford Track 58
Mackinnon Pass, Milford Track
Kepler Track 5
Sunrise from the deck of Luxmore hut on the Kepler Trek
Ben Lomond Winter 15
On top of Ben Lomond in Queenstown
Gertrude Saddle 10
Gertrude Saddle Hike, Fiordland National Park

Now, please say I have converted you! I don’t know where you are from, and what your interests are, but I sincerely hope that my photographs will inspire you to get off the couch and come to New Zealand. 

Sorry if I may sound cliche, but I can assure you, that you won’t regret it. Being outdoors will give you new outlook on life, clear your mind and give you a break from the daily routine that can be lethal to your senses. 

People travel to New Zealand for the same reason, and that is to see the breathtaking and unique nature that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. However too often I have seen those people confining themselves to their vehicles and seeing only those places where their wheels will allow them to go.

There is more to this country than what your satellite navigation system will show you, a whole lot more, you will just need your legs to carry you there! If you want to capture the stunning scenery you have seen in these photos check out my articles about best hikes around Queenstown and where to hike in Wanaka. 

Get out there and explore and I promise you, there will be no negative side effects! I am warning you though! You might get addicted really quickly! I certainly did.


Hi! I am the photographer and creator of www.inafarawayland.com. I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since I turned 18. A few years ago, during one of my trips to Scotland, I bought my first DSLR and my adventure with photography began. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can find me hiking somewhere in the mountains.

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