About Me

Hi! I am Marta

a Polish girl who dreamt of an unconventional lifestyle and proved that dreams do come true. A steady office job, a suburban house, two kids, and a dog? It never sounded appealing to me (excluding the dog part). What’s normal, anyway? Each year, I gain more lust for life and am excited about what adventures life will throw at me, so follow me.
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My Storyline


Eighteen years old and straight out of high school, I took a plane to New York and started my 2.5-year-long adventure as an au pair in America.


I spent the first half of 2008 attending German language school in Germany, then returned to Poland to start my university degree in journalism.


I received a grant to study abroad. I will spend the next two years living and studying in Potsdam, Germany, and travelling around Europe with my friends.


After I finished my degree, I travelled around South America for seven months with the money I’d saved from working evenings and weekends.


I settle in Berlin, naively thinking I’ve gotten travelling out of my system. Then, one day, a coworker introduced me to a “Working Holiday” youth exchange program.


I began a four-year stint doing back-to-back working holidays across New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I started my blog, which slowly turned into my career.


I returned to Europe, purchased a campervan, and spent four years exploring the Italian Dolomites and Norway and house-sitting around Europe.

Present Day

After 17 years of being nomadic, I finally settled in a small alpine village near the mountains in Tirol, Austria. Another dream was fulfilled.

A few principles I live by

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I am a minimalist

Experiences over possessions—that’s my life motto! Having too much stuff gives me anxiety. At one point in my life, right after I left New Zealand, all my belongings fit into a small backpack and a carry-on suitcase! 
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I am multilingual

I speak four languages, three of them fluently. However, I always laugh with my friends when I tell them I am not a native speaker of any of them. I grew up speaking Polish, but after living abroad for half my life, my Polish suffered greatly. Nowadays, I feel most comfortable speaking English.
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I am a dog mum…

…and not afraid to admit it. I have wanted a dog for a long time, but travel always gets in the way. At the beginning of 2020, I finally leapt! Nowadays, my dog Jasper travels with me everywhere, and he is the best hiking companion. Yes, having a dog comes with challenges and many responsibilities, but at 37 years old, I think I can finally handle those!
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I am obsessed with mountains.

After my trip across the Andes in South America, I fell in love with mountainous landscapes. This love was cemented after I spent over a year roaming through the Southern Alps in New Zealand and another year living in the Canadian Rockies. Nowadays, I choose my travel destinations based on their hiking opportunities!