High Above The Beautiful Næroyfjord: Guide To Hiking Bakkanosi

If you are looking for the perfect sunrise spot or an off-the-beaten-path hike in Norway with amazing Fjord views, consider summiting Bakkanosi. See the most beautiful view of UNESCO’s Nærøyfjord along the Bakkanosi hike.

10 things to know about the hike to Bakkanosi

This was my first solo overnight adventure in Norway, with my dog Jasper in tow. After my friend’s recommendation, who spent a few months living and working in the nearby Flåm village, I put the hike to Bakkanosi at the top of my list of to-do hikes in the Norwegian Fjords.

In this post, I share my tips about the trail to the summit of Bakkanosi based on my own experience.

Bakkanosi day hike: the stats

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 23
  • Distance roundtrip: 17.5 km / 10.87 mi
  • Time required: 6-8 hours
  • Total Ascent: 940 m / 3084 ft
  • Type of hike: out and back
  • When to go: end of June – September
  • Parking: 60.884169, 6.722160
  • Parking fee: 100 NOK

1. Where is the Bakkanosi hike?

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 7

Nærøyfjord translates to Narrow Fjord. When it comes down to naming places, Norwegians like to call them simply as they are.

Extrapolating Nærøyfjord takes its name from its narrowness: It is 18 kilometres long and sometimes only 500 meters wide. In 2005, Næroyfjord and Geiranger Fjord were listed as a World Heritage Site.

The nearest settlements are the tiny village of Gudvangen, built on the southern tip of the Fjord, and Bakka, built on its western shore. A popular tourist destination, Flåm, is also only 30 minutes from the trailhead.

2. The map of the Bakkanosi hike

Above, you can see the path I followed from the car park to the summit of Bakkanosi. I measured the distance, elevation gain, and route with my Garmin Fenix watch.

The Garmin Fenix series is designed specifically for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and some of its versions have built-in maps. This feature was very handy when I struggled to stay on track while hiking to Bakkanosi because the snow still covered some parts of the trail.

3. How difficult is the hike to Bakkanosi?

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 22

For every kilometre of the trail, you gain approximately 100 meters of elevation, making the hike quite gentle and enjoyable.

The elevation gain isn’t steady, though. Some parts are steeper than others. The middle part of the trail leads through a valley, where the incline is minimal (pictured below), whereas other parts climb steeply along rocky slopes.

Although I carried camping equipment, including my tent and sleeping bag, the hike was reasonable and not too strenuous.

4. The best time of year to hike Bakkanosi

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 5

Bakkanosi is a popular ski touring trail even in the winter, but if you are coming in the summer, the hiking window for this trail is between the end of June and mid-October.

As mentioned previously, when I hiked it on the last day of June, there was still quite a bit of snow in some parts of the trail.

I was thankful I had a map on my watch. On the way to the summit, I followed footprints on the snow left by previous hikers, which turned out to be slightly off the path. I followed the exact trail on my GPS map on the way back.

5. How to get to the Bakkanosi trailhead

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 36

The trailhead is located near the school/community centre in the tiny settlement of Jordalen along the Jordalsvegen road, which branches off the E16 – one of Norway’s main national roads.

The turn-off for the road is right near the VANG campsite. You will also have to drive through a long and dark tunnel.

A parking area is off the side of the road, right opposite the school. The parking fee is 100 NOK/day. You can pay it with VIPPS (for Norwegian residents only), the equivalent of American Venmo or put cash into a box provided.

Like many other places in Norway, parking operates on an honesty scheme. Don’t try to cheat the system. 100 NOK isn’t much for the epic trail you will venture on.


6. The highlights of the Bakkanosi hike

Thanks to the fact that I camped near the summit and woke up at 4 AM to photograph the sunrise, I had the summit all to myself.

I could not have asked for better light conditions. It was one of the very few bluebird days I experienced in Norway. Around 1 hour into the day, the sun aligned perfectly with the Fjord.

The views from the actual summit aren’t the best. You have to hike around 100 meters further, slightly downhill, to get the perfect view of Næroyfjord.

Take really good care! The other side of the mountain is almost vertical. I have also seen plenty of dangerous cornices at the summit. Do not try to walk on those!

TIP: If you want to see the sun rise directly above the Fjord, try to schedule this hike for the end of July

7. Facilities along the Bakkanosi trail

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 38

There are no toilets directly on the trailhead or anywhere along the trail. Remember always to take what you bring with you.

The nearest public toilets are near the gas station in Gudvangen, where you can also find shower facilities.

Plenty of opportunities to fill up the water as you hike along the stream. Just be aware of grazing animals. I drank water directly from the stream and never got sick, but I have built up quite a tolerance over the last few years.

8. Bakkanosi trail description

The trail divides nicely into three even sections. The first one takes you on a gravel road to a high alpine pasture with some old farmer’s huts. Sheep often graze this area, so if you hike with a dog like me, keep it leashed.

You then enter a wild valley, the road disappears, and you enter a narrow path. The trail is quite muddy, especially early in the season, but stick to the path to avoid creating more erosion. This is the easiest part of the trail.

Keep an eye out for the wild reindeer population roaming in this area.

The third and last part climbs steadily to the summit. At times, the trail is quite rocky and shaky underfoot, so make sure to come well-equipped. You don’t get any views of the Fjord until you get to the summit, but the anticipation will be worth it.

9. What to bring and wear on the Bakkanosi hike

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10. Where to stay nearby 

If you are road-tripping Norway in a campervan, I wholeheartedly recommend the Nærøyfjorden Camping site in Bakka. It is located right at the footstep of Bakkanosi, and you can even see it from the summit.

It is run by a very friendly local. The facilities have been recently renovated, and the campsite has some parking spots directly on the shore of the Næroyfjord.

As for hotel stays, I recommend that you check out Flåm or Aurland. Both are great places to stay and explore the nearby attractions. I talk about them at the end of the post.

11. Other hikes and activities to experience nearby

Aurlandsdalen Day Hike 2
Jasper on the trail in Aurlandsdalen

The area around Næroyfjord and the nearby Aurlandfjord are popular Norwegian outdoor destinations. Below, I recommend a few more top activities in the area.

Hike to Prest

Prest is the perfect answer if you are not a morning person looking for a great sunset spot. The Røyrgrind viewpoint on Mount Prest gives impressive views of Aurlandfjord.

Hike through Aurlandsdalen

The hike through Aurlansdalen will take you back at least a century. In the Aurland Valley, discover Norway’s pristine nature: lakes, waterfalls, and gorges.

Stegastein Viewpoint

The famous Stegastein viewpoint platform was built 650 vertical meters above the Aurlandfjord. You can take a bus from Flåm or Aurland or drive up there. It’s on the way to the previously mentioned Prest.

Flåmsbana – Flåm’s scenic train

The Flåm Railway is considered one of the most beautiful train journeys in the World. This leading Norwegian tourist attraction features the finest aspects of Norway’s stunning scenery. The train runs from Flåm station, built at the end of Aurlandsfjord, up to the high mountains at Myrdal station.

Flåm Fjord cruise

Travel from Flåm to Gudvangen on the emission-free cruise ship. The Future of the Fjords ship is fully electric and battery-powered, which means it is very quiet, so you can enjoy the sounds of nature on the cruise.

Kayaking on the Fjord

Flåm is one of the best places in Norway to join a paddling trip. The 3-hour kayaking trip will let you enjoy Aurlandfjord from the water. This one should be on your bucket list if you love water activities.

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