Mannen – A Small Mountain with a Big View: Guide to Hiking Mannen In The Lofoten Islands

With an elevation gain of just 430m, you don’t have to get very high to enjoy an impressive view of tropical-looking beaches surrounded by vibrant green mountains when hiking Mannen.

Mannen is more than worth the relatively low effort it requires and can easily be done the morning of your departure if you’re trying to squeeze every last second out of your Lofoten Islands road trip

Just make sure you set an alarm because time sure goes quickly when you’re on a mountain surrounded by incredible landscapes like this!

Things to Know About Hiking to Mannen

Map & roundtrip stats for the hike

  • Distance: 4.5 km / 2.8 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 430 m / 1410 ft
  • Time required: 3-3.5 h
  • Type of hike: out and back
  • When to go: June – September
  • Parking: 68.199447, 13.532218

Where is the Mannen hike located?

Mannen Hike Lofoten Islands 3

The peak of Mannen sits above Haukland Beach on Vestvågøy Island in Lofoten. From Leknes, the nearest city, it is about a 15-minute drive to the trailhead. Mannen is located around the midway point between Reine and Svolvær, you can also easily drive from either one in just over an hour.

What is the best time of year to hike Mannen?

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The short answer is the summer months between June – August. However, given its steep and exposed trail towards the top, I would not recommend this hike after heavy rains. The combination of muddy trails and slippery rocks could make the hike a little dangerous as the trail does come quite close to the edge.

It also probably goes without saying that this is not a winter hike. You could climb to the saddle without much difficulty using snowshoes, however, the ridge portion would be dangerous in the snow and ice.

How difficult is the hike to Mannen?

While not particularly strenuous, I would say that Mannen is a moderately difficult hike due to the exposure of the last section of the trail that gets unnerving close to the edge at times.

You can also almost guarantee that this trail is going to be quite muddy, so bring good shoes and hiking poles.

I hiked Mannen in less-than-ideal conditions after some rain and with a lot of wind. This certainly made it a little more challenging as our muddy boots became slippery on the rocky sections, but the wind was the biggest challenge for us. At the top, we even had to sit down and brace ourselves against some big gusts, but it was still worth it for the view. 

Highlights of the hike

Mannen Hike Lofoten Islands 7 1

Even on cloudy days, you can enjoy the turquoise waters and bright white sands of the famous Haukland and Vik beaches, but if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day, you’re in for an extra special treat. 

For some reason, this particular part of Lofoten seemed to be extra green with rolling hills and jagged mountains surrounding us in vibrant colours for the whole hike. So even if the last section scares you, it’s still worth the journey as far as you can manage.

How to get to the trailhead of the Mannen hike

Mannen Hike Lofoten Islands 1
Parking lots at Haukland Beach visible in the distance

Parking for the Mannen hike is at Haukland Beach, just before the Utakleiv tunnel. Parking costs NOK 40 for 6 hours.

This beach is quite popular with surfers, tourists, and hikers alike, so you may struggle to find a spot in peak periods. Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere else that you can legally park close to the trailhead, but since there are always people coming and going, you don’t usually have to wait too long until something frees up.

There’s even a little cafe here if you need a pick-me-up before your hike.

Mannen trail description

From Haukland Beach, cross the road and follow the smaller road which goes to the right of the tunnel. After around 600m, take the hiking trail which turns off to the left, just before the large lake.

The next 400m or so, zig-zags its way up the hill as you climb the majority of the elevation up to Mannen. At the top of this section, you will come out into a wide plateau, turn left here.

You will notice several trails continue straight down the valley, these trails continue and take you to either Uttakleiv Beach or Himmeltindan. They don’t go via Mannen so don’t be tempted to explore unless you’re ready for a much bigger hike.

Follow the trail that hugs the ridge heading west towards the beach, the trail gradually gains elevation as you head towards the summit of Mannen. Several different trails wind in and out of each other here, pick whichever one seems to be the least muddy as they all join together at some time or another.

The very last hundred meters or so is where it starts to get a bit exposed. You may want to use your hands for stability, but it does flatten out again before you reach the summit cairn so you can relax and take in the view. 

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Other hikes to do nearby Mannen


Hornet 1

If you’re looking for another easy hike in Norway that you can squeeze into the same day, Hornet offers a great payoff without much effort. The trail itself is quite short and there is only 300 meters of elevation to climb, but you still get to enjoy an intense-looking summit with panoramic mountain views on all sides. 


Offersoykammen Hike Lofoten Islands 16

One of my favourite hikes in Lofoten, Offersøykammen is just a 15-minute drive away from Mannen and offers equally spectacular views during the entire 6 km trail. While it will be sure to get your heart rate up with its moderate steepness, there is no exposure to worry about.

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