Hiking Guide To Litlefjellet – An Epic & Short Hike Near Åndalsnes in Norway

If you are looking for a hike in Norway that won’t strain your legs yet delivers fantastic views, Litlefjellet is your answer. Within 30 minutes of leaving the parking lot, you will reach a viewpoint with some of the best views in the whole country.

12 things to know about the Litlefjellet hike

From distance & elevation gain through the trailhead information, ending with other great hikes and activities to experience nearby, here is everything to know about hiking to Litlefjellet.

1. Litlefjellet day hike: the stats

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 1
  • Distance roundtrip: 2km / 1.25 mi
  • Time required: 1 hour
  • Total Ascent: ca. 100 m / 328 ft
  • When to go: June – October
  • Type of hike: out and back
  • Parking: 62.50524, 7.79811
  • Toll road cost: 100 NOK (cards accepted)

2. Where is the Litlefjellet hike?

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 6

Litlefjellet is a small saddle between two valleys: Venjedalen and the 60-kilometer-long Romsdalen through which the Rauma River flows.

The nearest towns are Åndalsnes and Isfjorden, which lie directly on the beautiful Isfjord.

Both towns lie in the Møre Og Romsdal county, which is famous for its mountainous landscapes and is very popular with tourists.

3. The map of the Litlefjellet hike

Above, you can see my path from the car park to the summit. I measured the distance, elevation gain, and route with my Garmin Fenix watch.

This map is for showcasing purposes only and should not be used for navigating around the mountains. Red-painted markings have been placed along the route to help hikers follow the route to Litlefjellet.

4. How difficult is the Litlefjellet hike?

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 19

Because the hike is so short—only an hour there and back—you won’t break a sweat.

However, you still need to be aware that there are a couple of short but steep and chain-protected sections along the way, like the one pictured above.

For that reason, please gear up appropriately. Don’t try to attempt this hike in sandals or, worse yet, flip-flops.

During my outdoor blogging career, I have seen it all and can’t stress enough how important it is to always stay humble in the mountains.

5. The best time of year to hike Litlefjellet

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 3

The main season for hiking to Litlefjellet is between June and September. During milder winters, which occur more and more often these years, if the snow has melted or has yet to start falling, you can go as early as May and as late as November.

The highest point of the hike is 790 meters a.s.l, which isn’t very high. That means snow doesn’t linger here for as long as it does at higher elevations.

6. How to get to the Litlefjellet trailhead

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 10

The only way to get to the Litlefjellet trailhead is by car. The trailhead for the hike lies 20 mins (16km / 10 mi) away from Åndalsnes and 17 mins (10 km (7 mi) from Isfjorden, the two nearest towns.

The road leading to the trailhead is the same one you take to reach another famous hike in the area – Romsdalseggen.

There is a self-operated toll booth along the road, where you must pay an access fee (100 NOK). Cards are accepted as payment. The parking near the trailhead is free.

7. The highlights of the Litlefjellet hike

Once you reach the saddle, look for the little ponds scattered around. They provide fantastic opportunities to photograph the mountain reflections around you.

My favourite view is that of the Romsdalshorn, one of the most recognizable mountains in the area.

Of course, don’t forget to look at the menacing-looking Troll Wall. Litlefjellet offers the best vantage point of the almost 90-degree wall above the Romsdalen valley, through which the turquoise, glacier-fed river Rauma flows.

Squint, and you might even see some crazy base jumpers flying off the cliff. If you didn’t know, this area, particularly the Troll Wall, is the birthplace of base jumping.

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8. Facilities along the Litlefjellet trail

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 18

There are no toilets or bins along this hike. The nearest toilet is next to the Romsdalseggen hike trailhead, 4 kilometres from Litlefjellet trailhead.

Remember to follow the one simple rule: bring out what you brought in. An empty water bottle weighs a lot less than a full one. It’s never okay to leave any trash behind when hiking, including toilet paper.

9. Litlefjellet trail description

The trail is marked from the parking lot with red painted marks in the shape of the letter T.

For the first 10 minutes, the incline is very gentle until you reach the chain-protected section, the most difficult part of the trail.

Don’t worry, it’s very short and only goes for a few meters, After that keep following the steep trail until you reach the saddle.

Once on the saddle, there is a web of different trails. Just explore the saddle and take in the views. I went crazy and took hundreds of photos. Like the one pictured above, there are quite a few stone trolls on the saddle. Norwegians love to build them.

There is also a hiker’s check-in book, where you can write your name and the date you visited Litlefjellet.

Don’t get too close to the saddle’s edge, particularly its West side. The walls are extremely steep. One bad step might send you tumbling down a cliff.

The trail back to the car park is the one you followed up on.

10. What to bring and wear on the Litlefjellet hike

Litlefjellet Day Hike Norway 14

Even though this is a quick hike, you should still have appropriate footwear with a good grip. Norwegian trails are no joke.

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11. Best places to stay near Åndalsnes 

Åndalsnes is the closest town to the Litlefjellet hike. Thanks to its proximity to the famous viewpoint of the Trollstigen Road, it is a pretty touristy destination.

The town was built right on the shore of the Isfjord and the mouth of the Rauma River, which empties into it. Cruise ships often dock in Åndalsnes’ harbour.

There are several accommodation options in Åndalsnes to meet any budget, and below are a few I recommend. If you use the links below, I will receive a small commission to help me write more helpful content for you.

12. Other things and hikes to experience nearby

Romsdalseggen 14
Jasper and I on the Romsdalseggen hike

Cable car and guide mountain walk

Witness the awe-inspiring landscapes of Åndalsnes from the comfort of a panoramic gondola and learn about the region’s rich history and captivating stories from a knowledgeable local guide. Book your trip below.


Another famous Norwegian hike is rising to a cult status similar to Trolltunga or Preikestolen. Romsdalseggen is a ridge traverse with fantastic views of the Troll Wall and the nearby Romsdal Valley.


Who hasn’t seen at least one picture of the famous serpent road called the Trolstigen? It just so happens that it leads to Åndalsnes. It’s one of the must-do experiences in Norway.

Via ferrata Romsdalsstigen

A great half-day activity for any adrenaline junky. Via Ferrata Romsdalsstigen was the hardest ferrata I have ever done, and I still can’t shut up about it today. If you love to challenge yourself, then you should try it out.


This one is still on my list, and I will be back in Norway to tackle it. The challenging trail leads to a viewpoint of the Troll Wall, and according to the Travel Norway website, the Trollveggen hike is the best option for seeing it from above.

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