Kayaking on Maligne Lake – a Multi Day Paddling Trip to Spirit Island and Beyond

The most iconic location in Jasper National Park – Spirit Island has to be seen to be believed.

This 3-day paddling guide to one of my favourite multi-day excursions in the Canadian Rockies will make you familiar with all the logistics. 

The excursion will take you much further down the lake than Spirit Island, where no commercial boat cruises and less than 0.1% of people, who come to Maligne Lake, ever see!

If you plan on road-tripping through the Rockies, make sure to add this excursion to your itinerary!

Maligne Lake and Spirit Island paddling trip overview

Kayaking on the Maligne Lake. A guide to a multiday excursion in Jasper National Park
Spirit Island in mist

Known for its turquoise waters fed by the glaciers perched onto the surrounding peaks, Maligne lake is one of the most sought after destinations in the Canadian Rockies.

Maligne lake area is home to some of my favourite day hikes in Jasper National Park and it’s also where the famous multi-day Skyline Trail begins.

Maligne is a french word that means malignant or wicked. The lake however was not named so because of its, but after the turbulent Maligne River, which empties into it. 

Distance and trailhead

It’s 42.6 kilometres or 26.5 miles to paddle from the North end of Maligne Lake all the way South to Coronet Creek and back. The trailhead for this paddle trip is at the boat ramp at the northernmost point of Maligne Lake.

Getting there and parking at Maligne lake

To get there it’s a 48 km (30 miles) one hour drive from Jasper township along Maligne Lake Road.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most scenic drives in the Canadian Rockies!

The boat ramp for launching kayaks or canoes is near an ample parking area. You can leave your car there overnight whilst your set out on your adventure.

Just remember not to leave any valuables in sight. Although I have travelled through the Rockies for 15 months in my van and never encountered any troubles, occasional break-in reports do appear on the Canadian Rockies hiking Facebook groups.

Days required

Whilst the paddle trip is doable in 2 days, especially if you only plan on seeing Spirit Island, I’d recommend spending at least 3 days/2 nights or even 4 days/3 nights on the lake and staying at both Fisherman’s Bay and Coronet Creek campgrounds.

The best time to do the Maligne Lake paddle trip

Valley of the Gods - Maligne Lake.
A break from paddling to enjoy the views

I have done this excursion twice already. The first time was at the end of September, the second time, only a year later it was at the beginning of September.

Both times we had fantastic weather conditions. The summer storms and haze were gone and mosquitos were nowhere to be seen.

The official backcountry camping season in the Rockies is from the end of June until the end of September, however, from July until mid-August mosquitos can be unbearable.

Since both campgrounds on Maligne Lake are right on its shore, unless you bring tons of repellent, you might regret your life choices.

If you asked me I’d say aim to do this trip from mid-August until the end of September.

Where to stay in Jasper before and after the excursion

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 4

If you plan on the excursion on the Maligne lake I highly recommend staying the night before in Jasper so you can start with fully charged batteries the next morning.

Below I enlisted a few of the top-rated places in Jasper. If you found my article helpful, consider supporting my site and booking through the affiliate links! It will cost you nothing! 

Visiting Maligne Lake on a day trip

You can visit Maligne Lake on a day trip from Jasper including a boat tour to Spirit Island.

It’s an excellent option if you are short of time or roughing it out in the Canadian backcountry isn’t really for you. The tours might not offer the same intimate experience as going by a kayak or a canoe, but you will still get to see Spirit Island.

The boat tours can’t operate outside of daylight hours so if you plan on visiting Spirit Island at sunrise or sunset, paddling and camping is your only option. 

Even if you have your own speedboat it will be good for nothing here. No other gas motorized boats are allowed on Maligne Lake apart from those belonging to Parks Canada or boat tours.

Personally, if you’re physically able to do so, getting there by your own power is so rewarding I would recommend it to anyone.

It gives you the opportunity to go past Spirit Island into the heart of the Valley of the Gods, a place where no cruise boats venture. Pristine, untouched and magnificent. 

Campsites at Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 25

A list of backcountry campsites at Maligne Lake

Campground nameDistance from Maligne lake trailheadNumber of sitesCampground description
Hidden Cove3.5 km4A small campground located in a sheltered cove. Great if you want to take the trip across the Maligne lake easy.
Fisherman’s Bay13 km8Located just passed the Samson Narrows and only around 1 km away from the Spirit Island. Great for fishing (permits required).
Coronet Creek21.3 km8My favourite campground. Very quiet with beautiful views near the shoreline.

All campgrounds are equipped with bear lockers, outhouses, picnic tables and tent pads. Bring out what you brought in policy is enforced.

When to book campsites at Maligne Lake for 2022 summer season

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 19

Reservations for the Maligne Lake Campgrounds for the summer 2022 backpacking season open on February 2nd, 2022, at 8AM Mountain Time

The campsites on Maligne Lake book out very early in the season.  Once they open the spots are usually gone within the first few hours, with only a handful left!

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 10

How to make reservations at Maligne Lake backcountry campgrounds

  1. Go to the Parks Canada Reservation Service Website
  2. Set up or sign into your account (Make sure to set up an account before the reservation system opens to not loose precious time)
  3. Choose a backcountry camping as reservation type,
  4. Pick your arrival date
  5. Pick ‘Jasper’ and ‘Maligne Lake’ as your backcountry experience
  6. Pick your party size and tent pads number
  7. Choose Maligne Lake Trailhead as your access point
  8. Choose the Availability Calendar Tab and see what campsites are available for what dates
  9. Pick your site for each night.
  10. Click reserve

The cost of reserving campsites on the Maligne Lake in the 2022 summer season

There are two initial costs to cover upon making a reservation and one additional one involving National Parks Entry Fee. The first two are:

  1. Reservation fee: $11.50 per online reservation ($13.50 per phone reservation)
  2. Camping fee/Wilderness pass: $10.50/person/night

You will also need a National Park Entry Fee which costs $10.50/person/day. If you plan on spending at least 7 days in a year visiting National Parks in Canada then I highly recommend purchasing the annual Parks Canada Discovery Pass.

Is it better to do the Maligne Lake trip in a canoe or kayak?

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 9

The best advice I can give you is that, whether you’re an experienced paddler or a relative novice, start early. Generally, the wind conditions in the morning are much less relentless.

But hey? I bet you are wondering I don’t even have a canoe and you’re already telling me about wind conditions!

So what’s better a Canoe or a Kayak? Hmm, tough choice. I’ve done this excursion in both and personally enjoyed it much more when kayaking.

If like me, you are a light packer and prefer a bit more comfort, choose a kayak. If you plan on bringing a lot more gear with you, go with a canoe. 

guide to multi day kayaking trip to Spirit Island and Coronet Creek on Maligne lake


  • Higher load capacity
  • Cheaper to rent/buy
  • More Canadian 
  • More stable


  • Faster 
  • Easier to turn and navigate
  • Ease-of-paddling 
  • Gear is more secure in the hideaway compartments

Where to rent a kayak?

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 29

If you’re coming to the Canadian Rockies from abroad then chances are you are not going to be travelling by boat.

Don’t worry, a company called Pure Outdoors in Jasper rents canoes and kayaks. Double canoes cost 90$CAD per day with a 25% discount for each additional day.

If you’re worried about being able to transport the canoe or Kayak from Jasper to Maligne Lake, they have you covered.

Pure Outdoors also do a drop-off and pick up service free of charge. Life vests, paddles, water pumps, kayak skirts, floatation devices and everything else you can possibly need for your safe passage, is also included in the price. 

A few packing essentials for the Maligne Lake trip

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 11

Earth-Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Ideally, you want 50-70 litres of storage per person, split between two bags. That way it will be easier to store them in a Canoe/Kayak. The 30, 40 and 55L bags are equipped with backpack straps so you can use them on the Henry Macleod Trail. 

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Sleeping Pad

Getting a good nights rest after paddling for the whole day on the lake is essential. This sleeping pad will not only keep you insulated from the ground, but it will keep you comfy too. My advice is to go with the larger size!

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person Tent

I’ve had this tent for years now and used it for 3 weeks in Iceland, where it was tested against some crazy winds, as well as for every single backpacking trip I did in the Rockies. So far I have no tears and all the poles are still intact.  Grab a tent footprint too, to prolong the life of your tent.

Black Diamond Carbon Trekking Poles

I recently left my pair in a parking lot after the hike and drove off.  When I noticed my mistake it was too late to go back. I couldn’t get over it for a whole week, I ordered a second pair without any hesitation. At 300 grams a pair their weight is hard to beat. 

Day 1: Maligne Lake boat ramp to Fisherman’s Bay Campground

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 15

Normally this would be the part of an itinerary where I start talking about trail conditions. Unfortunately, water is very hard to predict, it’s never the same twice. From the boat lunch, it’s a 13km paddle, as the crow flies, to Fisherman’s Bay campground. 

Start as early as possible to get the best weather conditions (the winds are calmer in the mornings). Moreover, you will avoid the boat cruises that normally start at 10 am and create some serious waves ultimately slowing you down and taking away from the serene atmosphere of the lake.

A strong paddler can get to Fisherman’s Bay in 2-3 hours but a more realistic time is 4 hours. In unfavourable wind conditions, with a big load, it could take a lot longer.

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 17

If you stay close to the shore, you’ll do slightly more than 13 km, but you’ll have a much higher chance of seeing some wildlife. On my second paddle trip on Maligne Lake, I saw a black bear and several eagles.

The bear accompanied us for quite some time as we paddled along the shore. At one point it even jumped into the water and swam a few meters along the shoreline, before it got out and disappeared into the forest soon after! 

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 24

At roughly 11kms the lake becomes quite thin. That’s a sign that you have reached the Samson narrows. Once you’re through, the lake opens up again and the Fisherman’s Bay campground will be in a cove on the left-hand side. 

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 2
Spirit Island at sunrise

From the campsite, Spirit Island is only a 15-minute paddle away.  After you set up your camp, there are no excuses why you shouldn’t go there for either sunrise or sunset. The good news is, you will probably be the only one there!

This is where I have photographed my most memorable sunrise in the Rockies to date. 

Spirit Island and the story behind its name

Named after a beautiful anecdote of star-crossed lovers from rival first nation groups. Rumour has it that the two soul mates, from two opposing tribes, fell in love and used Spirit Island as their secret courtship location.

However, when the girl’s father found out about their private affair he banished her from visiting the island.

The young Romeo had no idea why his darling sweetheart stopped visiting but continued to frequent the island daily until he breathed his last lonely breath and eventually died right there on the Island, staring into the Valley of the Gods.

His spirit is said to still be waiting there, in the hope, that she’ll one day return.

Day 2: Fisherman’s Bay to Coronet Creek

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 6

After sunrise at Spirit Island, and a hearty breakfast back at camp, continue south a further 8 km to the Coronet Creek campground.

2-4 hours later, depending on your speed, you will again stand ashore.

This part of the journey is the most spectacular. You will be paddling directly into the heart of the aptly named Valley of the Gods.

Once you see it with your own eyes you will understand what I am talking about. The campground lies on the right-hand side, just past the Coronet Creek intake.

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 22

Maligne Lake is the second-largest glacially-fed lake in the world and it’s here, between Spirit Island, one of the best places in Jasper to take some killer photographs, and Coronet Creek, that you’ll see the waterfalls gushing from glaciers falling effortlessly into the lake.

Both campsites are very rustic, but very quiet, with only 8 tent pads per site. They have new dry style outhouses (a new pilot scheme being tested by Parks Canada), fire pits and of course, bear lockers.

Day 3 & 4: Coronet Creek Campground to the boat ramp

Maligne Lake Coronet Creek 1

If you are strong enough and have limited time here in the mountains, consider paddling back to the boat launch on the last day, making this a 3-day excursion.

However, if you have time on your hands stay at the Coronet Creek campground for 2 nights and plan a total of 4 days and 3 nights on the lake. 

Once at Coronet Creek there is a 16km/5 hour return Henry Macleod Trail that will take you away from the water and toward some of the glacial moraines in the area.

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 27

If you do decide to paddle back the 21 kilometres in a single day, account for around 6 to 8 hours. The last time I did this excursion I managed to paddle back in just 4 hours, but I admit that the speed my partner and I were paddling at was monumental.

We were so fast mainly due to the fact, that the wind was non-existent. Normally I would also take my time to look at the views, but on our last morning, the lake was covered with thick mist blocking them.

Whilst 21km may sound like a lot it is definitely doable. Just remember what I said about the winds! The early bird catches the worm! 

Maligne Lake Jasper National Park 8

If however, it’s not something you are feeling particularly excited about,  you can always just stay the second night at Coronet Creek then paddle back to the Fisherman’s campsite and stay the third night there.

In this case, you will find yourself once more within close vicinity of Spirit Island, where you can take another peek at the beauty of one of the most photogenic places in the Canadian Rockies! 

As always if you have any questions or tips don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! I am always happy to hear your feedback and stories of your personal experience from the trip!


Hi! I am the photographer and creator of www.inafarawayland.com. I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since I turned 18. A few years ago, during one of my trips to Scotland, I bought my first DSLR and my adventure with photography began. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can find me hiking somewhere in the mountains.


  1. Hey Marta,

    this trip sounds amazing! Thanks for the detailed description. We really wanted to do it this summer but unfortunately the campsite reservation was crazy this year and we didn’t get a spot… Do you have other recomendations for multiday (2 to 4 days) canoe/kayak trips in the area?

    Best wishes from Edmonton,

    • Hi Hannah. Thanks for your awesome feedback and I am sorry to hear everything was booked out so quickly. Unfortunately, that’s the case with many backpacking experiences in the Rockies. I would still recommend that you keep checking daily for any cancellations. I have heard Bowron Lakes is a great kayaking/canoeing trip. It’s in BC. I have friends who have done it and highly recommend it!

  2. Hello Marta,

    I was looking at booking campsites for the paddle trip. And Have made reservations for 4 nights in mid Oct. However, I am also concerned about how cold it’d get around Oct. ( I have some experience in being in the wilderness during early spring in Patagonia. But, I have found Canadian winters to be another level of cold. )

    Please let me know if there are any other considerations I should think about for mid Oct.

    • Hi Senthoor. Thanks for your visit. You can most certainly expect the temperatures to drop below zero in October. I once camped in Assiniboine in mid-September with -16 Celcius overnight (+20 during the day). The thing is as long as you have a very good sleeping bag you will be ok. There are fire pits there where you can have a campsite fire to keep yourself warm. Come prepared and you will be fine!

  3. Hi Marta,
    The pictures are amazing !Do you think it is possible to do a one day trip in kayak to Spirit Island and go back in the same day ?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Salome. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment. Yes, it is doable and I have met people who have done it. I myself have once paddled all the one from Coronet Creek Campground back to the boat launch which is the same distance as paddling to spirit island and back. A kayak is definitely a lot faster than a canoe though so I would suggest going by kayak! Have fun!

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