My Photo Gear

I often receive compliments on my photos from you, followed by what seems to be a burning question for many: what camera do you use?”.  I do appreciate the amazing feedback I receive, but if you think having a good camera ultimately leads me to take great shots, you are up for a big disappointment. 

A lot of the shots on my site were taken with an entry-level Canon 450D that I loved with all my heart. It served me well on my first backpacking trip through South America and proved that a camera is just a tool in the hands of a photographer.

I mean, you wouldn’t compliment a chef on the meal, because of the pots he used to cook it, right?

I then spent quite a few years shooting with a Canon 6D. The photographs in my Canadian Rockies Guide were taken with this camera. 

Then followed a few years with Fujifilm XT2 which accompanied me during my two seasons spent in the Dolomites and one cold summer in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. 

I can’t stress enough that the camera body is neither here nor there. Photography is all about the lenses. If you’re thinking about getting serious about travel photography spend your money on lenses and trips because camera bodies come and go but, treated correctly, a good lens will last a lifetime

1. My current photography equipment

Nikon Z6II

Nikon Z6II Camera Body

After shooting with a full-frame Canon DSLR and then cropped frame Fujifilm, I found myself missing the full-frame factor. For a while, I considered going back to DSLR, but since I do a lot of trekking, the weight was a big factor in deciding what body to buy next.  The Nikon Z6II turned out to be a perfect choice. I love the user-friendly interface and the vibrant colours this camera delivers. 

Nikkor Z24-70

Nikkor 24-70mm f/4.0 S

Since switching to the Nikon mirrorless system I knew I wanted to keep my lens arsenal down to a minimum. This kit lens is absolutely amazing and more than I will ever need for the type of photography I do. It’s lightweight, extremely sharp and a fraction of the price of the f.2.8 version. To save quite a bit of money, I recommend getting it in a kit set up together with the camera body.

Nikkor 35 mm

Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 S lens

After shooting with ultra-wide-angle lens for years I felt like I stagnated in the photography fields. I really wanted to try a lens that will be great for landscapes but will also allow me to capture intimate moments of people up in the mountains. Getting landscape shots with this lens adds a different perspective and really makes for some astonishing results. Its shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh are a dream. 

Peak design capture clip

Peak design capture clip

This has been one of the most important pieces of equipment I own. The Peak Design capture clip always stays attached to my backpack strap allowing me to have the camera within my immediate reach at all times. If you still carry your camera on a strap around your neck, then do yourself a favour and get this clip ASAP! 

San Disk Card

SanDisk memory card 

Reliable disk storage is an absolute must have for a photographer. The SanDisk memory cards have been with me from the start of my photography journey and have never failed me! I usually have a few with me on every trip I undertake. 

Sirui AM-284

Sirui AM-284 4-section carbon fiber tripod

One of two tripods that I own. I used this bigger one in low light conditions when I shoot within close proximity to my car. It’s waterproof and dust-proof, features that come in really handy in the rough environments that I often shoot in. 


Sirui K-20X tripod head with quick release plate

If you are looking for great quality that won’t leave a huge hole in your wallet Sirui tripods and ballheads are the way to go. The K20x tripod head is a perfect size and weight for the type of photography I do and holds my camera and lenses with no problem. There are 3 adjustable knobs: 1 for tightening the plate, one for the ballhead movement and one for panning, The larger knob also has a little screw for adjusting the friction of the ball. Everything works smoothly and is easy to operate. 

Sirui AM-223

Sirui AM-223 mini tripod

As a long term traveller and avid hiker I really value the weight of my backpack, hence I decided to invest into this ultra low weight mini tripod. It allows me to take photos of myself on mountain summits and supports 15 kg of gear, more than I will ever need. 

B+W Polarising filter

B+W polarizing filter

A polarising filter is an absolute must-have when shooting landscape photography. It helps remove glares from bodies of water or bring out the contrast in the sky. Throughout my photography career, I tested a few brands and ultimately settled for the B+W, a german made polarising filter with excellent quality. 

2. Editing Equipment

Macbook Pro 2021

Apple Macbook Pro 

This is one piece of equipment that I have been longing for a really long time. It’s fast, the screen is beautiful and it’s a must-have for a photographer. I recommend getting at least 32GB RAM to get the most out of your Mac! Macbooks resell value is also fantastic if you ever decide to upgrade. I am telling you once you go Mac you never go back! 


Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop subscription

Don’t expect the photos coming straight out of the camera to look like the ones that I post online. Back in the day, actual light rooms would serve as a tool to develop photos. Nowadays it’s the digital equipment that does the trick and Adobe Lightroom is one of the top contenders in the field. 

Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

After being fed up with editing my photos on a touchpad and delivering chronic pain to my wrist I finally invested in a graphics tablet. I’ve read so many positive reviews explaining why I should get it that I finally decided to buy one. Since then editing photos became so much more enjoyable. The pen that comes with it gives me incredible control over the cursor and speeds up my workflow. A must-have for any photographer or graphic designer! 

3. Camera And Photo Storage

F-stop ICU

F-stop Internal Camera Unit (ICU)

Thanks to this little bag I can store my camera equipment safely in any backpack I carry with me. I own the small ICU which perfectly fits my camera body and up to 3 lenses, plus filters and memory cards. 

SSD Hard Drive

SanDisk 2TB external hard drive 

If you shoot as much as I do, your internal hard drive on your computer is going to fill up fast and slow your computer down dramatically. In fact now when I made the transition to Macbook I promised myself to keep it as clean as possible at all times and store everything on my external hard drives. I own a few hard drives because I always make two or even three copies of my photos. The SanDisk SSD drive is by far my favourite purchase. 


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