How to Hike to Offersøykammen, A Highlight of the Lofoten Islands

If you’re looking for a hike that will get your blood pumping without making you feel like you might fall off a cliff, Offersøykammen is the hike for you. This was another one of my favourite hikes in Lofoten, and I highly recommend prioritising it when planning your itinerary.

Not only were we spoilt with incredibly beautiful views throughout the trail, but I did this hike with Jasper and three friends in a rare sunny window after a week of torrential rain, ferocious winds, and suffering being locked in a small van. As you can imagine, we were pretty keen to stretch our legs, and Offersøykammen did not disappoint.

Things to Know About Hiking to Offersøykammen

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The roundtrip stats for the hike (counting from Nappstraum tunnel)

  • Distance: 6 km / 3.7 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 430 m / 1410 ft
  • Type of hike: out and back
  • When to go: June – September
  • Time required: 3-3.5 h
  • Trailhead: Option 1 near Nappstraum tunnel, Option 2
  • Parking: Option 1 near Nappstraum tunnel, Option 2 Skreda

Where is the Offersøykammen hike located?

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Offersøykammen is located south of Vestvågøy Island in Lofoten, just outside Leknes. This is also around the midway point between Reine and Svolvær (the main tourist route through Lofoten), so if you’re staying in either of these towns, you will have about a 1-hour drive to reach Offersøykammen.

What is the best time of year to hike Offersøykammen?

The best time of year to hike Offersøykammen is between June and early September. That being said, I experienced the crazy week-long storm that I mentioned before in late July. Lofoten never guarantees safe hiking weather, and the trail can sometimes get quite muddy. 

While you could also snowshoe this hike in winter with the right knowledge and gear, I wouldn’t recommend this as a spring hike. The trail often becomes somewhat of a waterfall, with heavy rain and snowmelt coming from the top. 

How difficult is the hike to Offersøykammen?

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Offersøykammen is a moderate hike (possibly even “easy” compared to other hikes in Lofoten). As with many hikes in Norway, the trail to the Offersøykammen summit can be muddy. The food news is there is no exposure, so this hike shouldn’t be a problem for anyone fearing heights.

The last section to the summit is a little steep but doesn’t require stairs like some of the more famous hikes in the Lofoten Islands, which is why I would rate it as easy to moderate

Highlights of the Offersøykammen day hike

After being stuck inside a van for a long time, I may be biased in thinking this hike is special, but you don’t have to take my word for it. A local recommended it to me, and it didn’t disappoint.

Offersøykammen sits at the edge of Vestvågøy Island, surrounded by fjords, mountains, small islands, and gorgeous bays on every side. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the summit for the views. They start right at the trailhead.

With so many shades of blue and green, everywhere you look is breathtaking. We spent hours at the top taking it all in, and to top it all off, some wispy clouds floated through, creating beautiful rainbows that only added to the magic.

While we were forced to squeeze this hike into the best weather window that day, it would also be an incredible place to watch the sunset.

How to get to the trailhead

As I previously mentioned, there are two trailheads for Offersøykammen. The one I recommend starts near the east entrance to the Nappstraum Tunnel. There is a large gravel parking lot with an entranceway about 150m before the tunnel. The parking is free and has plenty of space. 

From here, walk right to the end of the parking lot and follow the path through the trees until you see a trail going up to your right. This is the beginning of the hike to Offersøykammen.

Alternatively, if you prefer to tackle the shorter but steeper trail, park at the Skreda ​​rest area and walk about 600m east along the road until you see a trail on the opposite side. This parking place is free and has around 20 spaces, but note that it is often full during peak periods, which is another reason I recommend the first option.

Offersøykammen map & trail description

  • blue – trail I took (more scenic)
  • purple – shorter but steeper trail

From the Nappstraum Tunnel parking, the trail climbs over the tunnel on a manageable incline, where you get your first glimpses of the stunning surroundings.

It’s about 80m of elevation from the parking place to the ridge, and from here, you can enjoy some leisurely ups and downs as you walk past lakes and wildflowers on the way to the base of Offersøykammen.

Along the way, you will encounter a few additional paths joining or breaking off from the main trail, but it’s fairly obvious which one you need as you’re always heading straight towards the mountain.

Eventually, the trail makes a sharp left when you are joined by the more direct route from Skreda. This is where the huffing and puffing start. The final climb to the top is about 250m of elevation in less than 700m, so it’s not as bad as some of the other hikes in Lofoten, but it will still get you sweating.

Other hikes to do nearby


Hornet 1

Just a 20-minute drive from Offersøykammen, Hornet can easily be done on the same day and is great if you’re looking for the best view-to-effort ratio. After climbing just 300m of elevation, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama from an exciting-looking summit. 


Mannen Hike Lofoten Islands 5

This fairly easy hike can be quite an adventure with its exposed ridge and stunning views over Haukland Beach. Easily doable within 3 hours, it’s a great morning or afternoon hike if you want to fit more than one activity into your day. 

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