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All articles and photographs I publish on my blog are based on my own independent travels and research. My travel guides are extensive, but the amount of information can sometimes be daunting. If you would like to save time planning your holiday, use my personal travel advice services.

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How It Works

Step 1

Use the contact form which I link to below. Let me know in detail when, where and for how long do you plan your holiday and what do you need help with.

Step 2

I will get back to you via e-mail to schedule a 45-60 minute video call using Zoom platform. Please let me know what timezone you are in and what times work best for you.

Step 3

We take part in a meeting during which I answer any questions you may have regarding your trip, help you figure out transport or alternative huts that you need to book etc.

Step 4

Before our phone call I will send you a payment request link. My accepted forms of payments are Paypal. my fee is 90 USD/per call.

Things I Can Help You With

Lake Coldai Hike 5

Itinerary Suggestions

I can help you with adjusting the travel itineraries which are published on my website to meet your personal needs.

Hiking Tips

Are you having a hard time choosing what hikes will be suitable for you or how to shorten a backpacking trip to fit them in your schedule?

Packing Advice

Learn from my mistakes and pack what you need not what you 'might need'. The lighter you go the happier you will be.

Personal hints

Are you not a fan of touristy places? I can share with you some off-the-beaten path locations, where you won't be surrounded with crowds.

Destinations I Am An Expert On

These are the places I know very well

Durrenstein 26

Italian Dolomites

I spent 8 months hiking & via ferrata climbing in the Dolomites. Recently I also moved close to the area and visit the Dolomites regularly.

Bakkanosi Day Hike Norway 26

Norway's Fjords

I traveled in my campervan across the Norwegian Fjord region and the Lofoten Islands over two summer seasons.

Roys Peak Lake Wanaka 11

New Zealand Alps

I spent a total of 18 months travelling and living in New Zealand most of which were spent on hiking, photographing and backpacking through the Southern Alps.

Indian Ridge Hike 12

Canadian Rockies

I called the Canadian Rockies my home for 15 months. I spent countless hours exploring the trails of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Kananaskis Parks.

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